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We Now offer Complete DIY solutions for Bed Bug Control

We Now offer Complete DIY solutions for Bed Bug Control


Let's learn more about your situation to see which treatment package is best for you.
You may be able to DIY if:
  • You have just recently started seeing bed bugs and have found a few to a few dozen after closer inspection
  • Bed bugs have been present for a few weeks/months, but you have not tried to treat them
  • You had bed bugs before, but this is a new occurrence/infestation

You may NOT be successful with DIY if:
  • Self-treatment has been taking place for multiple months with over the counter products
  • Bed bugs have been present in your home for 6 months or more
  • You have used bed bug foggers (bug bombs) in recent weeks

You may want to consult with a Licensed Pest Control Provider to determine if DIY is right for you (See Resources)

Home Description?

You may be able to DIY if your home does not have a lot of clutter OR the clutter/congestion can be removed and/or addressed.

You may NOT be able to DIY if your home is highly cluttered

Tips** You may need to hire a cleaning or preparation company and/or reach out to Bulk Pick-Up with your trash service to help with these tasks.

Home Size?

If your home is larger than 3 bedrooms or has more than four residents, you may need to purchase an additional package to ensure all areas can be treated and re-treated successfully. DIY package contents are based on coverage for an average home size of 900 - 1300 Sq Ft.

If you reside in a multi-family complex with 4 or more units, you or your landlord would need to hire a licensed professional according to state law.


  • Discrete resolution of bed bugs and other pests
  • Low cost, effective DIY treatments without requiring a license
  • Professional-grade products packaged for DIY usage
  • Simple step by step directions with pictures for further explanation
  • Online tutorial videos
  • Easy online ordering and payment system
  • Local, no contract next day pick up
  • Third-party payment and invoicing options

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