Fight the Insistent Invaders

Get bed bug control in Columbus, Worthington or Reynoldsburg, OH

Bed bugs can be hard to eliminate, especially if they've spread throughout your home. Fortunately, TLC Bug Bombers provides effective bed bug control services out of Columbus, Worthington and Reynoldsburg, OH. Make us your ally in the fight against bed bugs.

Count on our services when you:

  • See bed bugs or think you may have bed bug bites
  • Find small, brown/black spots near a bed or other furniture
  • Notice rust-colored stains on sheets or other fabric
  • See bed bug sheddings

When you observe bed bugs or signs of their presence, contact a bed bug exterminator at TLC Bug Bombers right away.

3 things a bed bug control professional can do for you

3 things a bed bug control professional can do for you

When you hire our pest control company, an experienced, licensed and insured bed bug exterminator will visit your property. You can trust our exterminator to provide bed bug control services with targeted tactics as soon as possible.

We offer three service options:

  1. A one-time bed bug extermination service.
  2. A two-week series of pesticide application services.
  3. A rental service with heat treatment equipment.

If you choose the third option, our exterminator will teach you how to operate the equipment and destroy bed bugs at any stage of development, no matter where they hide. To find out which option is right for you, reach out to us today.