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Fight the Insistent Invaders

Get bed bug control in Worthington, Reynoldsburg or Columbus, OH

Bed bugs can be hard to eliminate, especially if they've spread throughout your home. Fortunately, TLC Bug Bombers provides effective bed bug control services out of Worthington, Reynoldsburg or Columbus, OH. Make us your ally in the fight against bed bugs.

Count on our services when you:

  • See bed bugs or think you may have bed bug bites
  • Find small, brown/black spots near a bed or other furniture
  • Notice rust-colored stains on sheets or other fabric
  • See bed bug sheddings

When you observe bed bugs or signs of their presence, contact a bed bug exterminator at TLC Bug Bombers right away.

3 things a bed bug control professional can do for you

3 things a bed bug control professional can do for you

When you hire our pest control company, an experienced, licensed and insured bed bug exterminator will visit your property. You can trust our exterminator to provide bed bug control services with targeted tactics as soon as possible.

We offer three service options:

Heat Treatment is generally a 1-time treatment that will leave you bed bug-free in 1 day. It is a little less prep work on you to ensure that your home is ready for treatment, but it is a little more expensive. 

Biological Treatment for bed bugs and insects is designed to affect the biologics of bed bugs, which means it is more ecologically friendly for us and pets. It generally takes 10 days to be bed bug-free. However, it may require 1 additional treatment in 2 weeks and take 30 days with more severe infestations. This product has a 90 day residual and has the least amount of prep work to prepare for treatment. 

Pesticide Treatments are generally a 2-3 time treatment that will have you bed bug-free in about 30 days. Each treatment is done about 2 weeks apart. It requires a little more prep work on your behalf to ensure that the home is ready for treatment. The home will need to remain prepared or be re-prepped to be ready for each treatment on the scheduled treatment date.  It is just as effective and is a little more budget-friendly. 

All options come with a 90-day warranty. To find out which option is right for you, reach out to us today.