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Keep Your Household and Business Bed-Bug-Free

Schedule effective, efficient and discreet pest control services

Do Bed Bugs Keep You Up at Night?

A pest control company will help in Worthington, Reynoldsburg or Columbus, OH

When you're bothered by bed bugs, you need the help of a reliable pest control company. Count on TLC Bug Bombers, a licensed, insured company serving three Ohio cities and surrounding areas.

You can reach a bed bug exterminator on our team right away by calling 614-604-9992. Ask an exterminator from our crew for a free estimate on residential or commercial bed bug treatment services, including emergency services. We offer financing options for bed bug services, as well as 10% discounts for seniors, veterans and current members of the military.



Bed Bugs

End the bed bug infestation in your building.

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K-9 Inspections

Count on a K-9's nose to find hidden bugs.

k9 pest control inspection columbus oh

Residential Pest Control

Remove bugs, spiders and vermin from your home.

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Commercial Pest Control

Ensure a pest free environment for your business.

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Tackle any pest problem with TLC Bug Bombers

You can count on us for more than just bed bug treatment services. You can come to us for pest control services that handle a full range of pest issues, complete with 90-day warranties.

These include infestations of:

  • Insects: Beetles, ants and cockroaches, like larger German and smaller American cockroaches. Our pest control company will get rid of any bugs on your property.
  • Spiders: Unwanted guests, like checkered cobweb spiders, common house spiders and parson spiders. We'll tackle any collection of creepy visitors, so you don't have to.
  • Rodents: House mice, rats and other small but troublesome rodents. We'll remove rodents from your home, store, restaurant, hotel or apartment complex.

Elite Service Award Winner

TLC Bed Bug K9 Inspection Services is a Top Rated HomeAdvisor Pro