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Why Can’t I Get Rid of My Bed Bugs?

Do you feel that no matter what I do I can’t get rid of my bed bugs? There are many reasons you are not getting rid of your bed bugs. It usually takes more than one insecticide application to get rid of all the bed bugs. If you are using bombs or pesticides bought over the counter (Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc) these are not going to be an effective form of treatment. You are assisting in spreading the bed bugs to other areas of your home, forcing them into areas they would not normally be (deeper into walls, outlets, baseboards, foundational structures, etc). Professionals use commercial grade products and apply pesticide products 2-3 times every 2 weeks until bed bugs are eliminated. Most pest control professionals will also use different combinations to ensure bed bugs do not build up a tolerance or resistance to the products being used. You should also use management methods over the course of treatment such as inspections of common bed bug hiding spot locations and vacuuming.


Why would any treatment fail? These are may reasons that a heat, biological or chemical treatment may fail. Re-treatment may be required when individuals wait to call a pest control provider until an infestation has gotten out of hand. Having bed bugs over a few months, self-treatment with over-the-counter products and older homes will have a higher chance of requiring additional treatment. Here are some additional reasons a treatment may fail: The home has too much clutter for the bed bugs to hide in, please make sure you are following your prep-checklist. TLC Bug Bomber’s send you a prep sheet in advance to ensure you know how to properly prepare your home for your treatment. Treatments can fail If an insecticide was improperly applied or used in the wrong places. That’s why TLC ensure that they are following all rules and regulations set forth by state and federal laws. In addition, they ensure that products are properly applied based on the manufactures labeling. Re-infested can occur when items are brought back into the room or home. Unfortunately, all it takes is 1 female bed bug to infest or re-infest your whole home all over again. TLC Bug Bombers will provide you with a post-treatment checklist with a list of suggestion to help you in keeping your home bed bug free. Bed bugs may be in many locations throughout the home, even if you are not visually seeing them in more than one room. Therefore, we suggest you have an inspection with a certified bed bug detection dog or treat your whole home. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can spread quickly through your home. TLC Bug Bombers work with bed bug K9’s dogs and their handlers. K9’s will find live bugs, eggs, and nymphs with about a 98% accuracy, according to independent studies. To qualify for a K9 inspection, your home will have to be pesticide-free for 3-4 weeks before it is safe for a handler to being their K9 through your home.


Where do I get Bed Bugs? Unfortunately, you can get bad bugs from anywhere. To ensure you are not bringing bed bugs into your home, you need to evaluate your current habits and ensure that you are taking measures to protect your home from bed bugs or a re-infestation of bed bugs. Take measures to protect your home when visiting locations that have shared/public sitting locations, when friends or family are visiting you when you travel, or stay in hotels/air B&B’s. Many people deal with bed bugs. They have become an epidemic in Ohio and across the world. Call TLC Bug Bombers to address any of your pest control or bed bug needs. 614-604-9992 Call Today!