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The Best Way to Treat Bed Bugs


DO NOT USES FOGGERES (this just moves bugs deeper into hiding) 

DO NOT USE ALCOHOL (Alcohol is highly flammable and can be toxic to breath in) 

If you have put down any kind of powdery substance such as baby powder or Diatomaceous earth. Please make us aware if you have done any of the above right away! 

Heat Treatment is the SOLUTION 

  • We make it affordable: 
  • You DO NOT have to throw your beds, couches, stuffed animals or anything else away with heat treatments 
  • We can make treatment more affordable by preforming K-9 inspections to target the specific areas requiring treatment 
  • You may not have to treat the whole house 
  • We also offer post treatment inspections to ease your mind and ensure your treatment was affective 
  • Pre and Post K-9 inspections are performed by a certified K-9 team and cost is not included in heat treatment options or packages (Please ask is interested) 
  • Heat Treatments are the quickest and most dependable way to get rid of Bed Bugs 
  • Heat Treatments eliminate ALL STAGES of bed bugs in 24hrs. 
  • When treating with heat multiple treatments are not required.

Helpful Information you should know about Bed Bugs:

  • Signs that you may have bed bugs: 
  • Cast/shed of bed bug skin, exoskeleton or shells  
  • Blood spots on sheets or pajamas 
  • Fecal stains (dark black areas) on wood surfaces or mattress/box spring or bedding 
  • Bed big bites will generally be in groups of three, not a single bite  

(Bites may or may not be a sign that you have bed bugs, flees and mosquitos have similar looking bites and can easily be mistaken for bed bug bites) 

They often hide/live within 5 feet of where they are getting their blood meals 

Best places to look for signs of bed bugs: 

  • Corner of your mattress/box spring 
  • Couch crevasses 
  • Head boards 
  • Night stands close to the bed 
  • Base boards 
  • outlets 
  • elastic band of sheets 
  • floors/walls 
  • books 
  • cardboard, paper and would 
  • They reproduce very quickly  
  • A pregnant female can lay 8-12 eggs a day and 200-300 eggs in it’s lifetime 
  • The eggs hatch in 3 to 10 days from the day they were laid 
  • They reach the adult phase/breeding age in about 21-35 days 
  • 1 pregnant female can cause a serious infestation in 120 days.  

(Based on the statistics above, at the 120 day mark there would be approximately 29, 040 eggs, 19,440 in the nymph stage, and 10,081 adult) 

  • They can climb 
  • Bed bugs usually spread via hitchhiking on your cloths and on your personal items (purses, back packs, boxes, toys, etc.) 
  • Bed bugs move swiftly in horizontal and vertical positions, they don’t fly and they don’t jump 
  • They prefer a human host but will occasionally be found feeding on animals or hiding in pet beds 
  • They are not designed to navigate well through hair

What you should expect when preparing for treatment: 

  • We will provide you with detailed instruction of tasks to complete prior to your treatment day 
  • ALL TASKS are VERY IMPROTANT to ensure the treatment is affective 

(Without following all the pre-treatment tasks in the manor that they written on the pre-treatment checklist, you may not be successful.) 

  • These tasks will help to ensure that all hiding areas are prepared for treatment 
  • These tasks will ensure your valuables such as candles or arousal cans are bed bug free and removed prior to treatment 
  • These tasks will ensure that bed bugs are not removed or re-located to areas not being treated prior to treatment. 
  • Variables 

Post treatment 

  • You don’t want bed bugs again 
  • Change your sheets and inspect for bed bugs on a regular basis 
  • Vacuum all base boards, ceiling molding and around outlets on a regular basis 

(Remember, bed bugs are hitchhikers)  

  • When traveling, inspect your hotel room and bed for signs of bed bugs  
  • Travel with bags that are able to be put in the dryer 
  • Ensure all cloths, travel bags and all fabric material objects are placed in the dryer for 30 minutes on high prior to being put away  
  • Have an outfit for outside the house and an outfit for inside the house 
  • Change into you house cloths as soon as you enter the house 
  • Place outside clothing directly into the dryer or in a plastic container without holes and with a lid until they can be washed 
  • Ensure all material type objects or cloths that are purchased go into the dryer for 30 minutes on high prior to putting the item with your other personal items 
  • Be aware of your surroundings when out in public seating areas or using public transportation  
  • Only take the stuff you need with you when in public seating areas or public transportation 
  • If possible, do not take bags or purses into areas where you will have to sit in public areas or public transportation. 
  • If you live in an apartment or duplex there may be bed bug in the adjoining apartment/unit. 
  • If you live in an apartment/duplex, you may see signs of bed bug within a month of your heat treatment because bed bugs travel between walls and apartments.