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Pest Control and Medicare

Do you have Medicare? If so, check your policy because you may have pest control as an extra benefit. If your plan has pest control you can have a professional pest control company come to treat your home for up to a year. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Plans cover pest control.

Most Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicares have Essential Extras:

Essential Extras: This plan comes with Essential Extras…an option that allows YOU to select an additional benefit that fits your needs best and at no additional cost. . For more information about these benefits, view Plan Documents.

Pest Control: Routine pest control services of current residence (address on file with the plan) on a quarterly basis or, under special circumstances, may be eligible for a one-time specialized infestation treatment, in lieu of the quarterly treatment. Eligibility for this benefit is based on qualifying chronic condition criteria.

If you are allergic to fleas, bed bugs, or any other kind of insect you could be eligible for this service. This is a great service to have. A bed bug treatment can cost thousands of dollars if you have heat treatment. Pesticides are cheaper but they must be done two or more times. Pesticides can still be pricey.

To know if your Medicare plan covers pest control call your provider to ask. Make sure to ask what you need to do to receive this service. Do you need any forms, do you need prior approval, and how do you get it? What does the pest control company need to be paid? Contact your Medicare plan as soon as possible because it may take some time to get their approval for pest control.

If your Medicare plan does not provide pest control you may want to switch Medicare plans. When it comes to Medicare plan do your research to find the plan that offers you the most for your health and money