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You'll need the following to qualify:

You'll need the following to qualify:

  1. A valid driver license or state issued ID
  2. A valid bank account with no non-sufficient funds activity within the last 3 months
  3. Proof of income

10 Easy Steps/How it Works:

1-Go to TLC's Global Checks Account by selecting the provided button on website
2-Fill out Global Checks Application and select submit
3-Check you e-mail; Global Checks will send you an email for:
-A Bank Verification e-mail (request to allow your bank to release 3 months work of back statements
0r- A Request for additional documentation
4-Complete Bank Verification or Submit Requested Documentation
5-Check e-mail; Global Checks with send email Approvals along with Amount for Approval
6-Contact your TLC Representative to select Terms and Payment Options
7-Check e-mail; Global Checks will send you an e-mail link to review your contract with the terms and payments you discussed with your TLC Representative
8-Review and Electronically Sigh your Global Checks Contract
9-Receive a Call from a 916 Area Code; A Global Checks Representative will call to verify all terms and ensure all your questions have been answered
10-Schedule Your Treatment; Final approval will be provided and initial payment will be taken

Important Info:
Customer Spending Limits: Dollar values and times allotted for payments over given time periods. The minimum time period is 3 months. The maximum is 12 months. The minimum sale amount is $350.00 and the maximum is $3500.00.

Down Payment: For 3 and 6 month payment plans the amount is 15% of the sale amount plus the ARC fee. For 9 month payment plans it is 20% and 25% for 12 month plans. ARC Fee: The amount GCS charges the customer to initiate the sale. This is added to the down payment and is $35.00 Discount Rate: The percent per item charged the store to guarantee the payments. For 3 and 6 months plans it is 9%. For 9 month plans it is 12% and 15% for 12 month plans.