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Fleas are small insects that bite and can causes diseases. Know what fleas look like and how to stop them from invading your home. Fleas have 4 stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa (cocoon), and adult. Eggs: Eggs will hatch in one to ten...

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The Best Way to Treat Bed Bugs

DO NOT THOW ANYTHING AWAY CALL US TODAY!  DO NOT USES FOGGERES (this just moves bugs deeper into hiding)  DO NOT USE ALCOHOL (Alcohol is highly flammable and can be toxic to breath in)  If you have put down any kind of...

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Protect Your Home From Ants

Tip 1: Identify Type of Ant. 3 of the most common ants that invade our homes and yards. Argentine Ants: are the little house and picnic ants that are attracted to sweets. These ants are harmless, but they can carry diseases. If there is a colony...

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Pest Control and Medicare

Do you have Medicare? If so, check your policy because you may have pest control as an extra benefit. If your plan has pest control you can have a professional pest control company come to treat your home for up to a year. Anthem Blue Cross Blue...

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Why Can’t I Get Rid of My Bed Bugs?

Do you feel that no matter what I do I can’t get rid of my bed bugs? There are many reasons you are not getting rid of your bed bugs. It usually takes more than one insecticide application to get rid of all the bed bugs. If you are using bombs...

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Happy Holidays

The Holidays are here, we from TLC Bug TLC Bug Bombers would like to help you with all your pest control problems. When your home is prepped for winter's harsh cold temperatures spiders and other insects can sneak in to make their winter home. You...

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