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Rest Easy With TLC Bug Bombers by Your Side

Hire our bed bug exterminator in Columbus, OH

When you have pests in your home, TLC Bug Bombers should be your first call. Our Black-owned pest control company provides top-of-the-line bed bug extermination and general pest control services in the Columbus, OH area. Our clients trust us because we eradicate the presence of pests the first time using K9 methods.

Call 614-604-9992 today to schedule service with a reputable pest control company.

Choose exterminators who provide quality work

Whether you're hiring us for bed bug extermination or general pest control services, you can count on our team to eliminate your pests. We're top-rated in the area because we are:

  • Military-owned, so we're detailed and thorough
  • Dependable, following up with our clients after completing their service
  • Honest with our clients and set clear expectations

Our pest control company provides high-quality, honest services. Take the first step toward getting a pest-free home in Columbus, OH today.

Why Choose TLC Bug Bombers for your Bed Bug or Pest Control Needs? We are the Best Bed Bug Inspector Near You. We are the most effective bed bug exterminator near you and we provide quality general pest control at a price you can afford. TLC Bug Bombers works with independent canine teams that can conduct a full bed bug inspection in a matter of minutes in Worthington, Columbus, Reynoldsburg, OH or surrounding areas.

We are a Service-Connected, Family Owned, Black and Veteran Owned and Operated Business with several years of experience in dog detection. Unlike many other businesses in the local area, TLC's Owner, Shannon, completed several months of training at Lackland Air Force Base learning inspection and detection techniques before serving several years as a Military Working Dog Handler. TLC is a husband and wife team that takes pride in the Military Core Values; Integrity First, Inclusivity and Diversity, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all that we do.

We have been conducting certified bed bug dog inspections since January 2017 and Bed Bug Extermination since July 2018. Although we are a newer company, it's our journeys that brought us here that really make the difference in the experience we provide. We can relate with the frustrations of having bed bugs or pests in your home. We started this business after finding bed bugs in our home. After paying for a very expensive treatment, we decided to get a bed bug dog to provide people with early identification of bed bugs and assist with the cost of treatment. After a few months of identifying bed bug issues and referring customers to other Bed Bug Exterminators for treatment, we quickly realized there are several companies in the local Columbus area that do not share the same values we do.

As a result, we decided to get Licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture for General Pest Control and attend the manufacturer suggested training courses for our equipment with EcoForce Heating Systems. This allowed us to start providing the local Columbus area with affordable Bed Bug Identification, Bed Bug Extermination and General Pest Control to Business and Service Industries. We are now able to guarantee our clients get treated with respect and are provided the quality Bed Bug and General Pest Control Services they deserve. Don't make the same mistakes we did, call TLC right away and get Guaranteed Results from a company you can trust!

Shannon and Rhonda

Shannon and Rhonda

TLC Bug Bomber's Bed Bug Detection Dog

TLC Bug Bomber's Bed Bug Detection Dog "Hunter" Retired in 2020

Harry and Shannon, Husband and Wife Owners

Harry and Shannon, Husband and Wife Owners